Yumi Takemara

"I will show you a freak"


“Yumi Takemara! Yeah that’s me! I love cats! I love Dogs! I love all animals! I love dolls! I love Pokemon! I love boys! I love girls! I love everyone and everything! Oh besides Dragons they are pretty scary.

The world is full of happy bright colours! I met some new friends, most of them are girls, some of them dont have boobs though, which is funny, they are probably just flat chested. I was told about the dragons by black hair-sama and white hair sexy-sama told me about their relationship with the pebble. I must remain vigilant!"


Yumi Takemara is a confused girl, who has suffered from a brain injury from a young age. She has apparently deteriorated over time in mental stability, although that has not stopped her from fitting in or leading a normal life so far, but her mental state has taken a dive ever since she enrolled to Yoshigawa High School.

Yumi Takemara

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