Miss Yukito

"Its difficult to have fun when there is a child to care for"


She had tied back light brown hair and stands in at about 5’10. She wears a brown vest and short brown skirt with brown stockings with a formal white undershirt. Her outfit is professional, but also clearly shows her body’s curves and strong points well.


She uses her charm and good looks to get her male students to work hard and often attempts to become good friends with the female students so they want to impress her with their skills as well. She is a teacher who uses her charisma rather than the rules to get her way. Some say that she had a relationship with a student a few years ago but an investigation revealed nothing and the case was closed. She is almost always at least a minor topic of gossip for her nature, being quite flirty with students.

She is also the deputy principal and has a fair amount of power and authority in the school.

Miss Yukito

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