Kyoko Sakata

"I will always be there for the one I love"


Kyoko’s a young looking techy girl who is Yuusha’s cousin


Since i don’t have any secrets I’m just going to paste the Back story in:

Kyoko lives with her mother, Saki Sakata who is a stay-at-home mum who spends most her time doing house work in the rather large home because she refuses to accept hiring a maid as she is highly untrusting of strangers and spends her remaining time experimenting with cooking recipes, and father, Tsukara Sakata whom is a rather intelligent individual that work as a researcher at Minamoto.INC a well know research and development company for almost any range of “high tech” invention that can be funded, in the more wealthy part of the Yoshigawa area. As a young child Kyoko spent a lot of her time with her brother-figure and friend Yuusha whom moved away at the age of six leaving Kyoko with a bear pushy based on a popular kids TV show Kuma-Tan, this left Kyoko quite lonely as she lacked friends at that age partly due to her parents over-protectiveness of the weak bodied Kyoko. In an attempt to help Kyoko gain confidence and practice around others Tsukara, her father, started to take the six-year-old Kyoko to his work to talk to others but also act as a test subject for some of the kid-friendly invention of Minamoto.INC. These new devices ranged from new types of talking dolls with basic AI to a concealable Taser for self defence, but as Kyoko grew up her visits stoped being once a month or so to every other day which caused her to miss quite a bit of elementary school but Kyoko was far above average in intellect for that age so this was not an issue. Kyoko became happily accustom to the lab and the researchers there and Kyoko eventually became skilled, as much as a nine year old can be, when dealing with technology of certain verities and even began improving upon old or scraped tech that was unable to be completed by Minamoto.INC which Kyoko’s parents frowned upon but when she began to start zipping about of her heels with concealed electric rollerblades her father understood that this is something that Kyoko has a gift in and would be best to nurture it. Kyoko fixed, adjusted and even made new forms of minor technological gadgets designed for all sorts of tasks. She even began to place small gadgets in to her personal items like hat and what not so that she could carry them around in school without there being an issue. With Kyoko’s naturally weak body due to a disease she was born with Kyoko’s overly defensive parents did not let her go outside much so most her child hood was spent either with messing about in her mock-up “lab” or playing video games as her parents were too busy to entertain her so Kyoko never really grew up physically at least so even at her current age of sixteen she still looks as if she’s elven or so. Kyoko’s daily routine involves getting up early to charge fix and mess with her gadgets then help her mother with breakfast as her dad needs to get up and leave to the rather far away job he has after Kyoko heads to school via a long walk when Kyoko gets back she spends the rest of the day on new or fixing tech unless well that or just playing games and of course studying.

PS: She also wants Shiko’s V.


Kyoko Sakata

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