Kikuno Okamaru

"Dont blame me if you lose an arm"


Kikuno stands at 5’6 with a lean build, with toned arm and leg muscles, with short, rough and uncared for brown hair and a fading emerald set of eyes. Her skin is fair like most maidens of Tsukuyomi, who perform basic Karate and kendo training, as well as observe and guide visitors in daily prayer. At night, deep meditation and ritual in the moonlight is common.

Kikuno in particular has shown a talent for Karate and especially kendo, but is somewhat lacking in other areas. Her spiritual weakness is seen by the High Priestess as her greatest flaw and because of this, the title of first sword was appointed to her sister student instead.

She is tough, arrogant and prideful and is not likely to back out from a challenge.


Kikuno Okamaru

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