Weekly News Update

Welcome to the show today we will be covering some controversial topics including the newly cropped up shadowy organisation called the inquisition and the alleged harassment of our idol Ketsuki Shiko, as well as the governments current stance on supernatural beings and the recent supernatural attack on Tokyo so stay tuned for the latest details.

The Inquisition
Several eyewitnesses report the inquisition targeting multiple high schools, looking for suspects regarding the several mass murders that have occurred across Yoshigawa and the nearby suburbs that have stumped investigators. The inquisition has focused its efforts in particular on Yoshigawa high school where Ketsuki Shiko attends in what one student describes as “A disturbance of the peace and a poor excuse to harass Shiko, our beloved idol”. Several witnesses report Miss Ketsuki yelling before exiting the toilets and alleged that a man from the inquisition had tried to harass her, which nearly caused a conflict between them and Ketsuki’s famous bodyguard Ichijoji Kanji, who also attends school with her and lives in house. The Inquisition has responded by stating that “Shiko has been involved in several incidents and is legitimately on our current list of important witnesses and we mean no harm towards her”.

Government Opinion
The current government opinion is split down the middle with the opposition supporting the push for magical rights and resources to be pooled towards magical research and aid, while the current prime minister is planning to fund the inquisition to remove all traces of magic from Japan. A recent poll has showed that among 100,000 people surveyed the current approval rating has dropped drastically from last survey from 72% down to 58% and is projected to be in further decline due to this unpopular move. The Prime Minister has stated that “I will do what is right by my country and my people, even if that causes me to lose political power”. A small survey was conducted in the Yoshigawa region and among 10,000 people involved, 78% of people accepted the vigilante group called the Fellowship and their spokesperson and apparent leader seems to be popular in this region, in Akihabara the popularity seems to be a staggering 97% due to what is apparently a similarity between a popular character and the fellowship leader.

International Views
Currently many countries are trying to determine if aid should be sent to Japan and many are still unsure if the situation is make believe or not. America has vowed to send humanitarian aid in times of crisis but will not send military troops or equipment. Currently the Prime Minister is trying to negotiate with Russia to try and obtain military aid, but other countries are advising against it. US President Barack Obama stated “Given the current political tension it is unwise to put yourselves in debt with the Russians”.

The Final News Report For Term One!
(Epeen Speelin)

Hey there fellow students this is Akemi here, providing you with an entire chapter of information, featuring some of last years most popular sections, so you can keep up with what is going on and what has happened over the first term.

Who’s Cool, Who Drools?
Over the last few weeks the cool of the small guys like Takiji and Kakuta have risen dramatically and Kanji has made even more of a name for himself. On the girls playing field our idol Shiko is often the topic of discussion as well as Kanji, who has recently taken a more defensive and protective role of women when our little Yinari was harassed by Pompadour. When it comes to being a lame and uncaring person, Pompadour is difficult to beat right now, only surpassed recently by the former student known as gay boy, who tried to kill our genius on the spot.
Recently ‘Him’ has been the topic of both positive and negative rumour as people describe a change in behaviour as he lets lesser transgressions of the rules go. Some say the loss of our beloved teacher Mr Fujimaki has hit ‘Him’ harder than he would admit while others believe he is having family problems right now and will need the holidays coming up to recuperate.

All Is Fair In Love And War
Our genius has surprised everybody recently as his relationship with Kairi has gone into full swing, nobody would have suspected the two would have made such a couple. Recent rumour described Kanji is being gay towards the swordsman Yuusha, although such rumours were quashed by Kanji and Yuusha themselves, which is a shame because they could have been good together. More recent rumour indicates that Kanji and Shiko spent much of their free time together, but nobody is sure if this is a strong friendship or something more.

Unexpected Turns Of Events
The tragic loss of Mr Fujimaki has hit all the students and staff, everybody loved his carefree attitude, besides ‘Him’ of course, who failed to see eye to eye with Fujimaki on most occasions, which probably resulted from a previous student/disciplinary relationship. The one most hurt by his departure must be Miss Yukito, who is expected to give birth to Mr Fujimaki’s child shortly and will be on parental leave until at least mid way through the second term. Miss Yukito will now have to decide to either put the child up for adoption or raise the now fatherless child herself. My best wishes go to Miss Yukito in this hard time in her life.
On to some lighter and more action packed news, a new hero among nerds in school has appeared. The computer club president Kakuta defended his fellow club members from three bullies who tried to extort them for lunch money. When I asked Kakuta to explain how he managed to come out less injured than all three of them from the scrap he said “I used to do martial arts a while ago, but I never thought I could do something like this, I guess adrenaline kicked in, I just wanted to defend my friends”.

The year has been full of excitement so far and I cant wait for what the next term holds in store for us! On the school website I am holding a comment questioning area, where you can ask questions about what I thought about anything involving the term. As always, have fun and remember to pick up the next edition of the school newspaper next term!

Resort Trip Activities Cut Short
Epeen Speelin

Hey there its Akemi here with your school news as usual, but the resort trip was far from usual. Yuusha and his shenanigans continued, which included enraging our school star Miss Ketsuki Shiko, but this can be considered not far from normal. A few students were injured on the trip including Yuusha on multiple occasions and the how’s and why’s to explain these events have not been revealed, but a police investigation appears to be underway, meaning something serious is afoot, if anyone has information, I urge you to contact the principal or myself.

It seems that the hot topic’s for gossip this week revolve around our resident genius, no one other than Mr Oikawa Takiji and track runner Tabane Kairi, who appear to be giving each other lewd stares and glances, could it be that even the king of nerds is getting lucky?

Yuusha, also known as our favourite swordsman, seems to have gained control of his flirtatious nature somewhat, as it appears he has made no further moves on Shiko. A few anonymous quotes have been made about the subject “Good riddance, that guy provides a little too much competition” and “That’s one less woman between me and victory”.

The first set of exams are on the way, I hope all of you have studied hard over the weekend, good luck to you all and dont forget to check the next issue as soon is its released!

Hot News With Cold Weather Ahead!

Hey there readers its Akemi here bringing you the second edition of the school paper. Thing’s appear to be heating up around school, with a suspension and an expulsion already after a large fight broke out, which involved several second year students and even “Him” got a piece of the action. When I said thing’s were heating up I did not just mean aggression, several girls have began obsessing over second grade rookie Yuusha, who recently rose up the ranks of the school’s Kendo club and has been involved in almost every school fight to date. No news on Miss Yukito’s reactions to this new development.

Masumi Nori has been elected as student council representative chairperson for the second year students. She had this to say “I want the school to be a better and safer place to be for both students and staff”. With Masumi as our representative we should get our fair say and she encourages those who wish for changes to speak to her at lunch times.

The yearly snow resort excursion is being organised by staff right now and within a week or two the entire second grade will be in a winter wonderland for a whole week! If the event is same as always, there will be plenty of exciting activities and much fun to be had, I am sure that many of you cant wait, I know I cant!

That’s all for now, make sure to grab the next volume when it is avaliable for some great gossip, with a section coming detailing potential relationships and an inside look into the love web. This was Akemi, thank you for reading and see you next time!

First School Week Already Buzzing!

Hey there fellow students, Akemi here again to bring you the latest goings and gossip of Yoshigawa high school and the surrounding areas.

A new student to the school, Yuusha Sakata has already been involved in two fights, one gained him the name around as the Kendo Master, quickly dispatching a student with only two quick strikes. He seemed to have done this in defense of our very own school genius. He also attacked Kanji a few days later when he attacked Takiji. Onto that story, it seems that Kanji was badly burned by what Mr Fujimaki described as “Some freak accident with a clearly faulty Taser”

In other news, crime rates have been increasing lately in our area, in Shinjuku, Shibuya and Chiyoda, with a massive gang war for control of the streets between the soul societies third court squad and the land of Fires shinobi force. Gang crimes have risen, but petty crimes rise at an even faster rate, the police cant be everywhere and it is recommended that you only go out at night with several friends, if at all. In the past week we have heard reports of another 10 heart attack victims, dying two per day, but at the exact same time otherwise, doctors speculate some sort of new methodical heart virus or disease may be behind it.

Now for school gossip, starting with the hottest news, in regards to Miss Yukito and the Kendo Master. It would seem that Yuusha’s heroics have already flattered Miss Yukito and after what students would describe as a happy visit to the infirmary, the rumor that Miss Yukito and Yuusha have a relationship is spreading like wildfire, but without any evidence to go on, this inappropriate relationship will go on.

Another Year

Hey there fellow students, this is your newsletter writer Akemi here, the school year is not far away and I am certainly exited for my second year. This year all the teachers are being cycled around, so everybody will have new teachers to meet. I decided that I would look deeper and try to get some information on them, in particular I wanted to try and get them to send me a picture or two that they have had taken.

I had managed to convince two of the teachers over email to send us some pictures. Here is the lineup of teachers for this year so far. The one on the left(Mr Fujimaki) went to this school a few years ago and has quickly returned, the one on the right(Miss Yukito) is just being rotated in from teaching seniors and is also the Deputy Principal. Mr Fujimaki said that he was actually Miss Yukito’s student only a few years ago, but Miss Yukito has made no comment on the matter. Mr Fujimaki looks soo cool and relaxed and Miss Yukito looks stunning, I sure hope students dont get too distracted from their work this year!

That’s it for now, be ready for the first week of school and dont forgot to read again after week one!

Mr fujimaki

Miss yukito


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