Takiji Oikawa

"You Dont Poop In Rivendell, Unless You Want To Go On A Trip"



Character Points: 500/512


Force Field:16

ACV: 7(10 Void)
DCV: 10

Ranged Attack Void 3(9)
Defence Combat Mastery 3(30)
Extra Energy: 7(14)
Tough: 8(16)
Combat Technique: 2
Steady Hand 2
Telekinesis (teleport restriction, Deplete 1) 2(12)
Telepathy 1 (11)
Range 6(5)
Transmutation 3(36)
Flight 3(24)
Companion (30) Allan:400 CP
Dimensional Portal 4(29)
Earth to The Factory
Factory to The Void
Void to The Factory
Factory to Earth
Charges (-3) Use only 4 times per day
Dark Relationship 3(6)
Extra Actions 1(15)
Lightning Calculator (1)
Force Field 4(12)
Mind Control 1 (8)
Mind Shield 3(6)
Pocket Dimension(The Factory) 3(12)
Special Defence Sleep 1(2)

(Gaze of the Void)(5)
Level 2 Drain 2 Incapacitating 1 Multidimensional 1 Psychic Undetectable Range 1(10m)
Deplete 1(10 energy)

Void Attack: 12
Weapon level 8(8)
Continuing 1(1)
Incurable 1(1)
Multidimensional 1(1)
Range 2(2) 100m
Unreliable 1(-1)
Deplete 1(-1) 10 E

Mathematics 10(10)
architecture 1 (1)
Chess 3 (3)
electronic surveillance 1 (1)
psychology 1 (1)
Computers 2 (4)
Controlled breathing 3 (6)


I’m takiji oikawa or nerdling, as I am commonly referred to. As all of you already know I’m the schools resident genius,bathe prodigy. I’m also a prime target for beat downs. But that is not all I am, there is much more. Let’s begin at the start…

The year I finished primary school was rather unremarkable, I was an average students with average grade with an average life. But that all changed when I discovered the wonders or mathematics. It quickly became apparent that I had more than a passing interest with mathematics, in fact, I was a genius, supposedly brought forth by my intense study. By the time I was supposed to start high school I was already attending math lectures at a nearby university and my parents decided that it would be better if I resumed teaching myself rather than attending school. That year of self learning proved to be a very eventful year, for it was the year I discovered magic. By developing complex equations that reflect the real world I was able to bend the universe to my will, with only the flick of a pencil. I was so impressed that that I showed my favourite uncle my magic. This proved fatal. The magical writings were simply too comes the spells bent his mind in ways I never foresaw. In the end he threw himself from his thirty story tall apartment in a fit of insanity. I was inconsolable.

At the start if the next year I was sent to school as my studies in areas other than magic and lord of the rings were inadequate and I needed to learn social interaction, along with coping with my father uncles death. I did meet some friends, most of them supernatural and I then took the guise of gandalf so that I could use my magic to protect the streets.

I am Takiji
I am a nerdling
I am a void mage
I am a chess demon
I am a Jew
I make love on the roof
I do my own taxes
fast and furiest
I dont splash when I poop
I am a trip organiser
I am a sith lord
I dont know about plumbing
I am investigator
I am the crow lord

Takiji Oikawa

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