Miss Arisawa

"The monster thing has nothing to do with my class children, get back to work!"


She stands emotionless at 5’7 weighing around 60kg with a fairly average body type, a little on the slimmer side. She seems to maintain that blue is her theme colour, with blue hair, blue eyes, a blue jacket, collared blue undershirt and blue trousers. Her shoes break the theme as they are white sneakers. She teaches English, Information Technology Systems and Biology.


She had been teaching for six years and seems to have been drained of most of her emotion and pity. She gives no second thoughts to handing out punishments and never tries to encourage her students.

First graders believe that she was the governments first test subject for human cyborgs with brain replacement parts but has not really been proven, as she has been prone to helping students who are truly willing to learn on occasion and she makes sure that genius’s thrive.

Miss Arisawa

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