Mr Fujimaki

"Time Force, you're under arrest"


He stands at 5’10 and weighs around 70kg. He is a young Maths, Engineering and Chemistry teacher, who has only been working at the school for a year. He has short spiky black hair and blue eyes. He wears a plain black collar T-shirt and long grey trousers and formal black shoes. He is the most informally dressed of the staff members but still keeps a small degree of professionalism. He likes to make jokes and get involved in student conversations on occasion and will usually allow handing in of assignments late on the day, but not after a full day has past after the due date.


Senior year students say that they remember him from when they were in junior year and he was in senior year. As soon as he finished school he rushed through his college courses and teacher course and is back at the same school he attended. A student claims that he said to them “School is such an interesting place and I can see myself goofing around here my whole life.”

He is currently the only man to have successfully avoided “him”, using a group of girls that always seem to be around to his advantage. This group of girls is famous for always being around those in the spotlight.

One time he got into a fight with the HPE teacher for some reason and surprisingly managed to fend him off long enough for “him” to arrive to solve the situation. Students say he did this with a 1 meter ruler.

Mr Fujimaki

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