Masaru Ryushi

"Impressive. For someone so pathetic."


Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: White/Silver
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 100kg
Age: 20

Positive Personality Traits

Negative Personality Traits
Aggressive & Cruel
Arrogant & Destructive
Cold & Impolite


Masaru is without a doubt the Ryushi’s most gifted member. The moment he could walk his training began. Even in those early years, he was astounding. In no time he was matched against promising students twice his age. Then once in his teen he was matched against his teachers. Eventually, they ran out of things to teach him. Instead, he occupied himself by creating devastating special techniques.
2 years ago he left for Japan and he challenged the Mazen’s only student, Akane. Initially they seemed evenly matched. Constantly exchanging terrifying attacks and heated words. Masaru claimed his greatest gift were his eyes, so finely trained they could see techniques before they were performed. Therefore, Akane released her restraints and plucked an eye from his skull.

“Run back home to Okinawa. Tell your family you’re a failure.”

Those words both stung and empowered him. Masaru did return to Okinawa, and there he pushed himself to the edge of death as a means to obtain more strength. Now, he returns to Japan, seeking revenge. Little does he know the fate of his one true opponent.

Masaru Ryushi

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