"One day Yumi will disappear and all I ask is nobody question why"


Koruza is a troubled student with a difficult past. Around 1000 years ago, give or take 100 years or so, Koruza was minding his own business in Europe, helping his father take care of the farm so they could pay their taxes to their feudal lord. He became the last surviving child of four and had to try and take care of his crippled father and mother. When the tax collectors came around, he told them if they wanted their tax, they would have to take it by force as they had nothing to spare, so they told him “If you dont clear off this land in a week, soldiers will kill you and your family and take everything”.

Koruza trained for the next week and pushed himself to the very limit, in order to bring as many of the lord’s men down as possible. When they arrived on that fateful day, he was ready to die.

Koruza fought the enemy with ferocity, killing dozens with surprising skill and a rage unstoppable. Some soldiers snuck past him in the carnage, raided the house, killed his father and burnt the house to the ground. They brought his mother outside for him to see what happened next. They finally beat Koruza into submission and turned him to watch his house burn, with his father inside it. At this moment Koruza began to scream for help in his mind, from somebody, anybody at all, but there was no answer.

The soldiers beat and raped his mother right in front of his eyes and Koruza wailed in his emotional torture and he became something “different”. Someone answered his plea for help and gave him the power of a demon to obtain revenge on the soldiers and their lord, but in return he would serve the Demon lord until his death. Eventually his evil power was sealed away by a powerful priest who went by the name “Jen Nori”, who was naturally gifted in all powers divine.He was sealed in a book and locked away, never to be seen again…


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