Hikaru Mazen

"I guess I can do it, as long as no one else has to suffer."


Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Dark
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 75kg
Age: 17

Nick Name: ‘Baby Face’

Positive Personality Traits
Polite & Helpful
Kind & Understanding
Friendly & Honest

Negative Personality Traits
Nervous & Easily frightened
Silly & Always Hungry
Overly Enthusiastic & Loud


During the Edo Period all who crossed paths with ‘Izaki, The 1,000 Form Dragon’ met a swift end. Like an amalgam of natural disasters Izaki’s very movements shaped Japan. A martial artist of heavenly talent, who in later years, raised a family. The ‘Mazenryushi’ family, took pride in Izaki’s strength. In an effort to covert their secrets they departed for the Okinawan Islands. Here the knowledge bestowed upon them by Izaki, along with knowledge brought over from the mainland and China gave members of the family a chance to play a pivotal role in the birth of Okinawan martial arts.
Of course, all of this was done in the hope that one member might hopefully obtain a fraction of their founders power. Unfortunately, they had no such luck. With time arguments broke out amongst clan-members, debating the validity of various approaches. Then, as things came to a boiling point, Izaki unfortunately passed away. Left without their founder, in-fighting consumed the family. Before long, tensions rose and the single family broke apart, becoming two. The first half left, returning to the main-land, now calling themselves the ‘Mazen’ family. The second-half remained in Okinawa, now calling themselves the ‘Ryushi’ family.
As the years passed the two families still shared in their pursuit of Izaki’s power, however they both remained unsuccessful. Re-establishing contact as a means to increase their chances of achieving some success, the two clans found themselves arguing once more. From this a rivalry was born. As generations have passed the two clans have chosen their most promising students to represent their family in the race to achieve ’Izaki’s Might’. Unfortunately, while the Ryushi have thrived on the humble island of Okinawa, the Mazen have dwindled, swept away as the modern age rose and many of its members married off into more stable lives.
In recent years the most prized student of the Mazen was Akane Mazen, a young, focused and extremely skilled girl with incredible talent. Under the tutelage of her grandfather Haizo Mazen, Akane blossomed as if she were a sakura tree in the garden of the Emperor. Yet, when the time came to reach the next level and awaken her essence she proved incapable. Akane’s attempt to soar higher was met with a swift drop from great heights. Crippling her own body she now lays in hospital, the damage irreversible through modern medicine.
Now the task falls to her younger brother Hikaru Mazen. Given that the Mazen-Style is about swiftness, aggression and over-whelming offensive techniques mixed with a straight forward attitude, Haizo has little faith in Hikaru’s kind-hearted nature.

Regardless of Haizo’s doubts, 5 years of intensive training have passed. Hikaru has become swift, strong and skilled. Yet, he remains the ‘kind-hearted fool’ in the eyes of his Grandfather. Already Hikaru has defeated several challengers from the Ryushi family. However, in the months gone by Haizo has warned Hikaru of his final challenger, ‘Masaru Ryushi’.
Initially Haizo imagined that his grandfather’s teachings would continue to prepare for Masaru. However, they did not. Instead Haizo approached his grandson and remarked, “You have no ability to take the initiative. No drive to defeat your opponent. Your death is almost assured against Masaru.” Letting those words sink Haizo watched the blood drain from Hikaru’s face. “Leave, and do not return unless you defeat Masaru.”
In the past few weeks Hikaru has taken up residence in the back-room of a convenience store, working politely along-side the owner. With fear growing in the back of his mind he has undertaken an almost suicidal task. Late at night Hikaru takes to the streets fighting crime. Whenever he’s not assisting the store owner, studying for school or fighting crime, Hikaru is visiting his sister in hospital.

Hikaru Mazen

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