Weekly News Update

Welcome to the show today we will be covering some controversial topics including the newly cropped up shadowy organisation called the inquisition and the alleged harassment of our idol Ketsuki Shiko, as well as the governments current stance on supernatural beings and the recent supernatural attack on Tokyo so stay tuned for the latest details.

The Inquisition
Several eyewitnesses report the inquisition targeting multiple high schools, looking for suspects regarding the several mass murders that have occurred across Yoshigawa and the nearby suburbs that have stumped investigators. The inquisition has focused its efforts in particular on Yoshigawa high school where Ketsuki Shiko attends in what one student describes as “A disturbance of the peace and a poor excuse to harass Shiko, our beloved idol”. Several witnesses report Miss Ketsuki yelling before exiting the toilets and alleged that a man from the inquisition had tried to harass her, which nearly caused a conflict between them and Ketsuki’s famous bodyguard Ichijoji Kanji, who also attends school with her and lives in house. The Inquisition has responded by stating that “Shiko has been involved in several incidents and is legitimately on our current list of important witnesses and we mean no harm towards her”.

Government Opinion
The current government opinion is split down the middle with the opposition supporting the push for magical rights and resources to be pooled towards magical research and aid, while the current prime minister is planning to fund the inquisition to remove all traces of magic from Japan. A recent poll has showed that among 100,000 people surveyed the current approval rating has dropped drastically from last survey from 72% down to 58% and is projected to be in further decline due to this unpopular move. The Prime Minister has stated that “I will do what is right by my country and my people, even if that causes me to lose political power”. A small survey was conducted in the Yoshigawa region and among 10,000 people involved, 78% of people accepted the vigilante group called the Fellowship and their spokesperson and apparent leader seems to be popular in this region, in Akihabara the popularity seems to be a staggering 97% due to what is apparently a similarity between a popular character and the fellowship leader.

International Views
Currently many countries are trying to determine if aid should be sent to Japan and many are still unsure if the situation is make believe or not. America has vowed to send humanitarian aid in times of crisis but will not send military troops or equipment. Currently the Prime Minister is trying to negotiate with Russia to try and obtain military aid, but other countries are advising against it. US President Barack Obama stated “Given the current political tension it is unwise to put yourselves in debt with the Russians”.



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