The Final News Report For Term One!

(Epeen Speelin)

Hey there fellow students this is Akemi here, providing you with an entire chapter of information, featuring some of last years most popular sections, so you can keep up with what is going on and what has happened over the first term.

Who’s Cool, Who Drools?
Over the last few weeks the cool of the small guys like Takiji and Kakuta have risen dramatically and Kanji has made even more of a name for himself. On the girls playing field our idol Shiko is often the topic of discussion as well as Kanji, who has recently taken a more defensive and protective role of women when our little Yinari was harassed by Pompadour. When it comes to being a lame and uncaring person, Pompadour is difficult to beat right now, only surpassed recently by the former student known as gay boy, who tried to kill our genius on the spot.
Recently ‘Him’ has been the topic of both positive and negative rumour as people describe a change in behaviour as he lets lesser transgressions of the rules go. Some say the loss of our beloved teacher Mr Fujimaki has hit ‘Him’ harder than he would admit while others believe he is having family problems right now and will need the holidays coming up to recuperate.

All Is Fair In Love And War
Our genius has surprised everybody recently as his relationship with Kairi has gone into full swing, nobody would have suspected the two would have made such a couple. Recent rumour described Kanji is being gay towards the swordsman Yuusha, although such rumours were quashed by Kanji and Yuusha themselves, which is a shame because they could have been good together. More recent rumour indicates that Kanji and Shiko spent much of their free time together, but nobody is sure if this is a strong friendship or something more.

Unexpected Turns Of Events
The tragic loss of Mr Fujimaki has hit all the students and staff, everybody loved his carefree attitude, besides ‘Him’ of course, who failed to see eye to eye with Fujimaki on most occasions, which probably resulted from a previous student/disciplinary relationship. The one most hurt by his departure must be Miss Yukito, who is expected to give birth to Mr Fujimaki’s child shortly and will be on parental leave until at least mid way through the second term. Miss Yukito will now have to decide to either put the child up for adoption or raise the now fatherless child herself. My best wishes go to Miss Yukito in this hard time in her life.
On to some lighter and more action packed news, a new hero among nerds in school has appeared. The computer club president Kakuta defended his fellow club members from three bullies who tried to extort them for lunch money. When I asked Kakuta to explain how he managed to come out less injured than all three of them from the scrap he said “I used to do martial arts a while ago, but I never thought I could do something like this, I guess adrenaline kicked in, I just wanted to defend my friends”.

The year has been full of excitement so far and I cant wait for what the next term holds in store for us! On the school website I am holding a comment questioning area, where you can ask questions about what I thought about anything involving the term. As always, have fun and remember to pick up the next edition of the school newspaper next term!



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