Resort Trip Activities Cut Short

Epeen Speelin

Hey there its Akemi here with your school news as usual, but the resort trip was far from usual. Yuusha and his shenanigans continued, which included enraging our school star Miss Ketsuki Shiko, but this can be considered not far from normal. A few students were injured on the trip including Yuusha on multiple occasions and the how’s and why’s to explain these events have not been revealed, but a police investigation appears to be underway, meaning something serious is afoot, if anyone has information, I urge you to contact the principal or myself.

It seems that the hot topic’s for gossip this week revolve around our resident genius, no one other than Mr Oikawa Takiji and track runner Tabane Kairi, who appear to be giving each other lewd stares and glances, could it be that even the king of nerds is getting lucky?

Yuusha, also known as our favourite swordsman, seems to have gained control of his flirtatious nature somewhat, as it appears he has made no further moves on Shiko. A few anonymous quotes have been made about the subject “Good riddance, that guy provides a little too much competition” and “That’s one less woman between me and victory”.

The first set of exams are on the way, I hope all of you have studied hard over the weekend, good luck to you all and dont forget to check the next issue as soon is its released!



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