First School Week Already Buzzing!

Hey there fellow students, Akemi here again to bring you the latest goings and gossip of Yoshigawa high school and the surrounding areas.

A new student to the school, Yuusha Sakata has already been involved in two fights, one gained him the name around as the Kendo Master, quickly dispatching a student with only two quick strikes. He seemed to have done this in defense of our very own school genius. He also attacked Kanji a few days later when he attacked Takiji. Onto that story, it seems that Kanji was badly burned by what Mr Fujimaki described as “Some freak accident with a clearly faulty Taser”

In other news, crime rates have been increasing lately in our area, in Shinjuku, Shibuya and Chiyoda, with a massive gang war for control of the streets between the soul societies third court squad and the land of Fires shinobi force. Gang crimes have risen, but petty crimes rise at an even faster rate, the police cant be everywhere and it is recommended that you only go out at night with several friends, if at all. In the past week we have heard reports of another 10 heart attack victims, dying two per day, but at the exact same time otherwise, doctors speculate some sort of new methodical heart virus or disease may be behind it.

Now for school gossip, starting with the hottest news, in regards to Miss Yukito and the Kendo Master. It would seem that Yuusha’s heroics have already flattered Miss Yukito and after what students would describe as a happy visit to the infirmary, the rumor that Miss Yukito and Yuusha have a relationship is spreading like wildfire, but without any evidence to go on, this inappropriate relationship will go on.



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