Another Year

Hey there fellow students, this is your newsletter writer Akemi here, the school year is not far away and I am certainly exited for my second year. This year all the teachers are being cycled around, so everybody will have new teachers to meet. I decided that I would look deeper and try to get some information on them, in particular I wanted to try and get them to send me a picture or two that they have had taken.

I had managed to convince two of the teachers over email to send us some pictures. Here is the lineup of teachers for this year so far. The one on the left(Mr Fujimaki) went to this school a few years ago and has quickly returned, the one on the right(Miss Yukito) is just being rotated in from teaching seniors and is also the Deputy Principal. Mr Fujimaki said that he was actually Miss Yukito’s student only a few years ago, but Miss Yukito has made no comment on the matter. Mr Fujimaki looks soo cool and relaxed and Miss Yukito looks stunning, I sure hope students dont get too distracted from their work this year!

That’s it for now, be ready for the first week of school and dont forgot to read again after week one!

Mr fujimaki

Miss yukito



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